Thank you for completing your BIAC Profiles assessment.

Before I give you your feedback can I explain a bit about BIAC Profiles and why we believe it can be a very useful tool to help you to be as effective as possible in your role and perhaps cope best with lifes stresses and strains.

What is BIAC Profiles?

BIAC Profiles is a personality profiling tool that allows you to gain insight into your current thinking and likely behaviour. This is done by answering a number of questions. BIAC Profiles also enables you to measure the effectiveness of this behaviour as you make decisions and carry out actions in your life.

How accurate is BIAC Profiles?

It is extremely accurate as long as you answer the questions truthfully. It is also founded on acknowledged published research carried out by well known and respected psychologists such as Albert Ellis and Aarron Beck. It is also validated by a Senior Clinical Psychologist. BIAC Profiles has built up a strong reputation among a variety of users in different industries for its accuracy and clarity.

Your BIAC feedback.

There are ten thinking styles under which you are measured and in each style you may have currently rated yourself as effective or less effective. As you move through each style you will see very clearly how being effective or less effective impacts on your behaviour and likely results.

Lets begin!

ASSESSMENT - I am Centred in the following behaviours:

Centred Passivity Behaviour
I always strike the right balance between depending on outside luck or intervention and personal effort. I am good at planning and am optimistic, with a spiritual dimension to my thinking that is often missing in the modern workplace. This leads to low stress levels in my life. I also like to create a good working environment that encourages effective people work with me and contribute positively.
Centred Conventional Behaviour
I welcome constructive change and well-calculated risks. I will not, however, take unnecessary risks that can add up to costly mistakes nor will I participate in poorly planned ventures. I like to innovate but will also maintain good systems and practices until more effective ones are tested and tried.
Centred Dependant Behaviour
I am capable of making key decisions which are balanced between all available expertise and my own judgement of a situation. I experience little difficulty coming to a final conclusion having weighed up the facts. I can also live with the consequences of decisions, whatever the outcome, on the basis that nobody gets it right all the time. I am prepared to listen to advice and prove capable of withdrawing from unnecessary influences, to make the final decision for myself.
Centred Escapist Behaviour
I can work in a dedicated manner but I know when to draw the line and can switch off through leisure or alternative interests. I have realistic vision and dreams and can follow a structured path to the realisation of most of my aspirations. I am capable of creating and realising desired strategy and agreed business objectives through a planned approach.

ASSESSMENT - I am High in the following behaviours:

High Perfectionistic Behaviour
I believe that detail is critical to achievement of most tasks and I double check everything which, I admit, slows things down. I can also become easily disappointed or frustrated in others if they do not pay attention to the details or if procedures are not strictly adhered to.

ASSESSMENT - I am Low in the following behaviours:

Low Appraising Behaviour
I tend to take people at face value perhaps not giving enough time and attention to checking references or background details. I rely a lot on trust and as a result feel sometimes let down or disappointed in others responses.
Low Controlling Behaviour
I tend to give way and will end up doing the work of others as well as my own. I will often hesitate when faced with a decision and let others take control of decisions affecting my work and well being. I can give negative vibes or overtures to both colleagues and customers because of indecision in taking action and the need to defer to others.
Low Avoidance Behaviour
I believe it is very important to move quickly to make decisions and carry out any resulting action. I treat all decisions as urgent even though some pre thought or planning might be advisable and bring better results.
Low Retrospective Behaviour
I tend to relive past experiences on a superficial level. I am not comfortable analysing past mistakes rather I prefer to move on. Sometimes this thinking leads me to repeating similar type mistakes and misjudgements.

ASSESSMENT - I am Very Low in the following behaviours:

Low Approval Behaviour
I am very much focussed on the completion of tasks or projects, sometimes regardless of the feelings or considerations of colleagues or even customers. This can create a de-motivational or even hostile environment which results in problems for me in gaining support and commitment.